A selection of objects that have passed through our hands

Welcome to Casi Todo in Ibiza, Spain


Years of experience with house clearances from a diversity of properties, from XVIII century Ibicenco farms, American film directors’ houses and 30 metre yachts.  

We conduct our business with traditional values at the same time using modern technology. 

We speak Ibicenco, Castellano, Catalan, English, Italian and French.

We have built up a list of contacts, clients, buyers and sellers over the years whi
ch runs into several thousand.

We sell by Auction using internet, telephone and sms or we sell by discreet private sale. Whether you are buying or selling we have the experience and the knowledge to get you the best price in the shortest time. We have registered quality buyers for a piece of cherished family jewellery or an important painting. We can dispose of an entire houseload or a dog kennel!