Very rare from private collection.

Included in Easter Auction

Sta Ana (XV1/XV11C)
Estimated value €2000 - 4000
Figure (XV1/XV11C)
Estimated value €1500 - 3000  

San Juan (XV1C)
Estimated value €1500 - 3000 


San Martin and the beggar (XV11C) 
Estimated value €2000 - 3000
2 Spectacular  stone Foo dog lions
2.50m high.  Estimated 8-12000€

Roman phallus.
Estimate €500-800


 Monreal triptic


Moroccan Tent
estimate price €500-1000 

Honda Marine dingy. Brand new! 

  The Easter Auction! Held on the 18 and 19th April, traditionally one of our best!   

As usual first session is on the Friday at 15.30 and Saturday morning at 11.30hrs.


For those who like high quality rare antique pieces, we have several XV11 and XV111C Spanish wooden and polychrome figures. They are from an important private collection and have been collected over the last 60 years. They are mainly religious figures and are in excess of 1'20 in height. Very, very special, wonderfully decorative and a unique opportunity. Price estimates will be from 1000€ to 3000€ each. There is also a very special piece, a stone Roman phallus with stand, (perhaps base would be a better description) also from the same private collection as the figures. Estimated price is 500 - 800€.

Also in this auction, for those who prefer Oriental objects, we have 2 absolutely magnificent Estate stone lion dogs of Foo.  Measuring 2'50 high and probably weighing in excess of 2500 kilos, they would look sensational in your garden, next to your pool or guarding the entrance to your house. Traditionally these "Estate" or "Palace" Foo lion-dogs were used to guard the entrance to important buildings in China. Estimated price is 8-12000€.

As you can see we are receiving some very good pieces indeed. We have just received a sensational tryptic by Andres Monreal, who lived and worked in Sta Gertrudis for many years. This is a unique piece and was a commision for a very special client. (details soon). 

A fine silver 12 piece cutlery canteen is being valued at the moment. Also just arrived is a Louis Vuitton lady's case (2-400€) 2 Top quality armchairs and footstools(4-800€), Huge teak double daybed (4-800€.  Cost 3500€). Chinese carved wooden decorative horse (6-800) French writing desk (8-1600).

Lots are arriving daily.

Easter is traditionally the Auction to sell pieces of this quality. If you think you have anything that is really good, this is the Auction to get a great price. Phone us for a chat about values and marketing. 


We are  now inviting entries for our next auction which takes place on the 28th and 29th March, (Friday afternoon and Saturday morning as usual.)

Call us either by phone, through the website or call in between 10 and 14hrs Monday to Friday. Afternoons by appointment.

Did you see the wonderful Murano glasses in the last auction which went for 3,450€? What a dream they were! 

We always say the same..........Quality sells! And at excellent prices! Are you selling with us?

Casi Todo Team.




Friday 7 and Saturday 8 March is the date we will have a cracking general auction ready for you! 

Viewing as usual Thursday and Friday.Very good lots from  3 excellent house clearences.

140 photos were uploaded last night. More will be added as they are processed.  Have a look now and ask us if you need extra information or more photos.(Hallmarks, makers names, close ups of good and bad points)  If you are bidding on the internet this service is really helpful.  

Details of outstanding pieces will be emailed to you shortly as well.

We are flat out!

Casi Todo Team.                                                    Feb 28th


2014 at last!.

Our first auction will be held on the

14/15 of February

with viewing on the 13th all day and on the 14th (Friday) from 11hrs until we start at 15.30hrs!

Lots of interesting things coming in from furniture to garden tools, guitars, bicyles, designer leather sofas by Valenti and Mora Dillo , Spode 42 piece porcelain dinner service, garden furniture, exercise machines, collectors objects. Special interest so far is a collection of Spanish and Ibiza paintings from a private collection on the island. This includes a wonderful large oil painting of the old boat yard in Ibiza port, painted in 1947.

Paintings by Ballus, Tomas Quintana, Sefa Ferre, V Rincon, Jose Luis Florit and J Borrasa. Good artists and quality paintings.

Pieces coming in every day! If you want to sell with us call now!

Casi Todo Team.

4 Feb 2014!





Christmas holidays coming up and how we are looking forward to it!  When we are closed you can contact us through the website. We will come straight back to you and can arrange meetings etc if you wish.

We will be accepting lots for our next auction  from the third week in January.  You can get us on 661625079 if its urgent!

Auction scheduled for Febuary 14/15. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning as usual, Viewing all day Thursday and Friday morning until the auction starts at 15.30hrs. It will be a general mixed auction. These are always good and you can find anything in them.

Goodbye to 2013! Welcome wonderful 2014!



Next and last of the year General Auction will be on the 6th and 7th December at the usual times.

Lots of interesting things for Xmas presents including some really top quality and unusual pieces.

If your wife/girlfriend have a thing about frogs you had better get down to the viewing on Thursday and Friday. Ask one of our nice team to show you either the beautiful little gold and enamel piece from Switzerland or the larger one in silver. Both are gorgeous design pieces. Both are top quality. There are also other quality jewellery pieces.

If your lady is a bit more down to earth why not tempt her with the front of a Classic Peugot 403? (Just the front). Much better than you being involved with a complete classic car, with your head under the bonnet every Sunday morning. Having it hung above your bed would make a jolly conversation piece and would let your wife now that you are the kind of person that doesnt just buy a CD from Amazon.

Come to the viewing on Thursday, all day, and Friday from 11hrs till the auction begins at 15.30. Lots of stuff suitable for presents and the prices we get at this time of year go from 10€ upwards. Anything from paintings, antique and designer furniture, mannequins, carpets, mink jacket, kitchen equipment,  Marilyn folding screen, Old Cock Inn pub sign (Gorgeous!), Nautical and vintage (1920) car instruments,copper/brass chimney furniture, old tools, Porecelain, Lladro and Minton etc, glass, angels, electric tools (sanders, saws etc) plants. Dont miss it!


Have a Happy Xmas and a wonderful New Year.

(It doesnt have to be expensive!)

 Coming shortly. The contents of a  private collection of XV11 and later Century religious figures and older artefacts. A wonderful opportunity to obtain rare collectors pieces. Available to view soon.

Keep in touch!


Casi Todo Team.




 Good General Auction coming up on the 16th and 17th of November.

General auctions are the best. You can find anything and pay anything. It does not mean that all you find is boxes of silly things out of kitchen drawers, although we do have several of those. But we also offer a super Jeep Wrangler and a lightweight military Land Rover. (Classic car)

There are also a pair of 19thC oil paintings which surely are worth a look. Came from a house clearence and who knows where they originally came from and what they may be worth. Worth a look and a little investigation? Of course they are. 





Next Auction is 25 and 26 of October. Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.We are emptying some very nice properties and so the prospects are high. A really good mix of different pieces.

Are you selling with us? This is one of our busiest times.


Last auction was very hot! The session on friday 4th October started early afternoon and it didnt feel like October, more like July or August! 250 lots were offered and around 60% found new homes. Low for October but many people headed for the beach and good luck to them!

Saturday morning was also unusually hot for this time of the year but the bidding was strong and consistent. Good prices were obtained and many more lots than Friday found new homes. 

Many people also chose to bid on line and in general these bidders did well.

Amazing really, when you think that when we started 40 years ago we didn't even have a telephone! Now we have people bidding on a smart phone from beside a pool in San Miguel  or New Mexico! (In October!)


Progress has some advantages.





Remember that repeated lots ALWAYS have their estimates drastically reduced!



 Winter season are held on

Friday afternoons at 15.30hrs and 

Saturday mornings at 11.30 hrs. every 3 weeks.

These auctions are General auctions with a huge mixture of lots ranging from  modern and antique furniture, collectables, household effects, artwork, etc.

Friday afternoon normally offers approximately 250 lots in the garden and Room 1.

Saturday morning consists of about 250 lots with the accent on smaller and perhaps more valuable pieces in Room 2.  

Total 450/500 fascinating pieces !


 These auctions continuously contain top quality lots (Coming from quality properties) but at the same time can include a real mix of things from the garden, the garage or the garden shed! 90% of lots offered have no minimum price or reserve.


Dont miss them!







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 If you are considering selling a treasured piece or need a house clearance contact us in total confidence. We will advise you on current values and the best method of sale.