The news never stop at Casi Todo:
Yes, we will leave Santa Gertrudis but not yet: We’ll stay for another month. While we’re moving everything, we’ll do another auction (14/08/20) – yes, another last one, but this time for real, we swear…

Our new premises will be in Carrer del Teulat 38 in Jesús. We’ll focus on online sales & do only a few auctions per year. “For the times, they are a changing” and we have to adapt.

CASI TODO was established in Santa Gertudis in 1973, since then we have made many friends and clients of all nationalities and 1000s of objects have passed through our hands. We offer a service of valuation, sales and auctions, which is personal, friendly and professional.

We have the organisation to deal with all aspects of the process of disposal of household goods and furniture whether it be from private owners, executors, lawyers or estate agents.  This includes the appraisal, valuation, removal and storage of items.

We have a huge database of prospective buyers, collectors of all kinds of different items. Each auction has a varied selection of objects, ranging from vehicles, boats, garden furniture, plants, antiques, vintage, art deco, modern style, sofas, beds, chairs, lamps, doors, white goods, carpets, porcelain, silver, glassware, collectables, antique maps, paintings, sculpture and so on. We have probably had almost anything you can think of  in the shop at some stage.  Our team make a special effort each time to exhibit and combine all the objects in the most appealing way to ensure the best sale.

As well as the auctions we have many items on direct sale. Contact us and tell us what you are looking for !