COMMISSION   The basic commission for general household furniture and effects is 25%+ VAT on the commission. This commission may vary with specific items. Example: Lot sold for hammer price 100€ – (25€ + 5,25€) = 69,75€ for vendor.

OUR SERVICE INCLUDES   inspection in your property if required, valuation, advice on selling methods etc., insurance when the lots are in the saleroom, photos on our website and distribution of details with condition reports and extra photos to our buyers when required. Our database has been built up over more than 30 years and includes, apart from general buyers, collectors, antique dealers and professionals of all types worldwide.

COMMISSION FOR VEHICLES   Commission is 10 –15 % depending on vehicle and price.

ENTRANCE FEES GENERAL   2€ per lot (per lot not per piece). Charge for cars 30€.

ENTERING LOTS   The week after the previous auction from Tuesday to Friday (10 – 14hrs) is the best time. Items brought in at other times may be stored until a suitable auction if we have space. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw items we feel are unsuitable.

MINIMUM PRICES   All lots are offered with estimations and NO MINIMUM PRICES unless specified on a signed entry form. Reserves cost 8€ (returnable if price is achieved!)  

UNSOLD LOTS   Lots must be picked up by the first Wednesday after the auction so that incoming lots can be accommodated. Unsold goods that have not been removed are subject to a STORAGE CHARGE of 2€ (smalls), 5€ (small furniture) and 10€ large items PER DAY. This does not apply to goods that have been re-entered at a reduced estimate and noted on a signed entry form. If no arrangement has been agreed on, AFTER 2 MONTHS Casi Todo has the right to dispose of the unsold lots at their discretion.
Please make these steps unnecessary by REMOVING YOUR LOTS ON TIME or completing the section on the entry form headed “What shall we do with your unsold lots?” Or simply ring us to discuss. It’s so easy! Please do not leave unsold goods with us without making a decision on their future! Thank you.

PAYMENT TO VENDORS   Please contact us to find out what sold. Payments are made only when purchasers have made full payment of their accounts. Thursdays, 10-14hrs. Other times by appointment or by bank transfer.

CASI TODO AUCTIONS   Casi Todo acts as an agent and is not responsible for default on the part of the vendor or purchaser. Any possible deficiency (with any costs or expenses) will be made good by the defaulting party.

TRANSPORT  As an extra service we offer transport for €35/h for the van&1 man or €50/h for van&2 men. We provide professional and insured transport and handle your pieces with utmost care.

STORAGE We offer a storage service. Please ask in the office for fees.

OUR POLICY   to you is to offer

  • A fast, friendly and efficient service.
  • A really professional effort to achieve the best possible price for your lots in the prevailing market.