From 1973


Buying and Selling furniture, antiques, decoration and collectables, art and much more.

We offer Services in storage and transport.


We offer storage space foryour furniture and belongings all year round.


We offer transport services of furniture and belongings around the island.

Auctions and Direct Sales

About us

Since 1973 Casi Todo was an antique shop.  Collectable items of all sorts have passed through our hands, especially during the weekly and monthly auctions held every year, with up to 400 lots. We have a large database of buyers and sellers, antique and art dealers and collectors. 



Theo Monks started doing auctions in the 1980s with his family team. Sometimes he was replaced by his son Pablo Monks. In 2013 Pablo took over the reins of the business and together with his team continued the tradition of auctions every 3 weeks and summer evening auctions ‘al fresco’ every week. They were special and not only to create a dynamic of sales, but also as a social gathering.

The pandemic and the high supply of goods on the internet caused a pause in this dynamic.




We will be opening a new store in the centre of the island of Ibiza, with good access and we will offer our collection of furniture, antiques, collectable items, art and all the curiosities you can imagine….

We welcome you!


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Carrer Teulat 38,
Can Sire, Jesús, Ibiza